[Benefit for NIPPON] Great East Japan Earthquake FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'13 Donation Report


We hear more and more news of the strong recovery the areas effected by the Great East Japan Earthquake are making but the road to recovery is long and each and every one of the people effected by the disaster has been effected in a different way making it necessary to support the relief efforts over the long term.

Fuji Rock continues to support relief efforts through the Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Project,[Benefit for NIPPON] .
Once again, Fuji Rock gathered heartfelt donations both in and outside of the festival.

The Fuji Rock Festival Organization Commitee has made the following donations on behalf of all of you who gave.


(1) Donations from Fuji Rock Festival Attendees:
* Amount gathered at donation boxes located throughout the festival and outside of the festival grounds during the period of July 25th to 28th, 2013.

(2) Maching Donation by Fuji Rock Committee:
*The Fuji Rock Festival Organization Committee has matched the donations gathered at the festival and sent to "Benefit for NIPPON".

(3) Other Donations:
*Donations gathered at the NGO Village, official corporate supporters (BEAMS / Heineken / HUNTER), the Naeba Tourist Association, Tokoro Tengoku and other activities at the festival also including WeSky a Go-Go!.

[Total Donation Amount]


*The "Benefit for NIPPON" Fuji Rock Committee has sent the total (of 1+2+3) above amount to the below recipient.


Fukushima Prefecture Disaster Relief Headquarters
*Considering the ongoing effects of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident in addition to the effects of the earthquake and tsunami, the money was donated to the Fukushima Pref. Disaster Relief Headquarters.

[Date Sent]

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

We happily report the above amount has been donated thanks to everyones heartfelt support.

Fuji Rock Festival Organizational Committee

♦ FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'13 / Festival Attendance♦
Cumulative Total: 111,000 people. (July 25th to July 28th, 2013)